Beauty Eyelash Magnetic Eyeliner
Beauty Eyelash Magnetic Eyeliner

Beauty Eyelash Magnetic Eyeliner

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Considering the fact that many salons charge a bomb for extension treatments that only last a month, magnetic eyelashes are gradually becoming the HOT new fashion and beauty trend!



Description: you place one lash segment on top of your natural upper lash line, then one right underneath the upper lashes. The tiny magnets on each lash segment connect around your natural lashes and hold themselves in place, no glue required!

  • Goes on in seconds (no messy glues or adhesives required) You can put these on in under 10 seconds.
  • Ultra-lightweight (you may even forget you’re wearing it… until you see your stunning self in the mirror, that is)
  • They don't look fake, they accentuate your natural eyelashes and provide gorgeous length and volume. They look REAL.
  • Our magnetic eyelashes are re-usable over and over and over again! 
  • The magnets are tiny but powerful. They hold the lashes in place - they will NOT come off till you decide to put them away until next time.
  • "Budge-proof” magnetic technology secures your Lash in place until you’re ready to remove it
  • Safe for everyday use: our glue-free design won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes (can’t say that about other lash extensions!)
  • No harmful chemicals or toxic glue. Get the GLAMOUR of salon finished eyelashes at a margin of the price.
  • So many different styles and designs - You can choose a new look every single day!

 Feature : 

  • Advanced silk protein fiber, no animal hair, cruelty.
  • Magnetic Eyeliner: For use with magnetic eyelashes for easy operation.
  • Easy to wear with special tweezers. 
  • Proper use and storage, our magnetic eyelashes can be used multiple times 
  • Universal fits all eye sizes and is easy to clean. Ordinary makeup remover can be cleaned.
  • Comfortable and light, you may even forget that you are wearing it.


How to use:

1. Draw a long, wide eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes

2. Waiting for the eyeliner to be semi-dry, the magnetic effect is best

For better use:

1. If the eyelashes are not firmly attached, you can pull the eyeliner thicker.

2. Be sure to store the magnetic eyelashes in the box when not in use.

3. Gently treat the lashes as they are applied or removed.